5 Nov

Ep. 011 How to Market your Rental Property, with Nick Karadza

In this episode, Ncik talks about how to market your rental properties to save the most time and have the best chances of scoring a great tenant.

Key takeaways:

– Where to place your ads.
– How to write your ads to get the most calls.
– How to schedule viewings to maintain sanity in your schedule.
– How to use pictures and videos in your advertising.
– How much to rent your property for.

nick karadza

Nick Karadza started out investing after attending some real estate “boot camps” that showed him the leverage real estate offered.

At the age of 21, he quickly went out and found himself a home needing some “TLC” that he could repair and “flip” for a profit.

While holding down his full time Information Technology job, he spent months driving to the dump, staining floors, painting, installing cabinets, laying carpet, landscaping and dealing with a leaky basement and sold the house for a profit…

BUT… Quickly realized the time he was trading for the revenue generated wasn’t going to create the cash flow he wanted.

Undeterred, he quickly changed game plans to start creating “cash flow” by picking up a Power of Sale property that he could turn into a rental.

Along with a partner, he purchased that house and created hundreds of dollars in monthly cash flow and was able to extract all of the money invested into the home.

He now owned a money machine with none of his own money left in the property.

It was a lightbulb moment!

That started chain reaction of other property purchases and a decision to master the game of real estate investing.

Many lessons were learned over the next ten years and after finding no specialized investment brokerage he decided to found one that would help real estate investors. Together with his brother, Tom, he formed Rock Star Real Estate Inc. and is the Broker of Record.

Today, Nick publishes a monthly real estate investing newsletter, shares his experiences via online real estate investing articles, teaches investing classes, holds Quarterly “member” events for his clients and continues to be an active real estate investor.

He is an avid international traveler and explorer and believes in this simple but unconventional philosophy,
“Your Life. Your Terms.”

Meet Nick at www.RockstarInnerCircle.com

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