16 Oct

Ep. 008 – Pitching your deals, with Oren Klaff

In this episode, Oren talks about how investors should pitch their investment opportunities to money partners. Check out the bonus audio at the bottom of this page!

Key takeaways:

– Why do old school sales techniques suck.
– What is so wrong with being needy.
– Why you are being too damn needy and what to do about it.
– What buyers should see.
– Why analyzing the numbers is wrong and what to do instead.
– What visuals to use.
– How to get the stronger frame.
– How you can practice these skills.
– How to close your deals.


“I think the field of finance is being overrun with dull and repetitive businesspeople, who are doing the minimum possible to get by, with apathy, and complacence, and generally achieving mediocrity. If this is what you’re trying to get away from- then I think I’d like you.

Most of my experience has been in raising money, but I can pitch any kind of deal. Right now I’m pitching an airport, a $150M semiconductor company and a $200 million genetic information company – I’ve pitched 35 of these kind of deals to date with some success.

I can work 25 hours a day when necessary – it often is. I charge reasonable fees, and don’t give a crap about a deal unless the people in it are fun to be with. I can’t stand MBA doublespeak, and care for office politics even less. I would rather dig trenches in the dirt than finance a deal I was ashamed of.

I ride a Ducati Hypermotard and a Cagiva Mito, and I have 17 fountain pens – most of them leak. If you think we’d be good friends, find a way to say hi. If not, good luck anyway.”

Meet Oren at www.Pitchanything.com.

Oh, and here’s the bonus audio!

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