5 Oct

Ep. 007 – How to purchase 15 properties in your first year investing, with Tyler Soulliere

In this episode, Tyler talks about how he got started in real estate investing (by purchasing 15 properties) and how you can too.

Key takeaways:

– How to snowball one property into many.
– Advantages of being a realtor as an investor (or having a good one).
– What would he do if he had to start over.
– Systems to scale your business.
– How to get started.

Tyler Soullier

TySoull Real Estate Group was created to enable all types of investors the ability to invest in attractive real estate investments in the Windsor and Essex County Area – without the headaches. Founded by Tyler Soulliere, who was born and raised in Windsor, ON, and whom obtained his Masters in Business Administration in Midland MI at Northwood University; Tyler has gained much experience since graduating, from working for almost 4 years at the family business in Windsor, ON at an automotive aftermarket warehousing company called Cross Canada, which was then acquired by LKQ Corporation; to then studying to become a Realtor and moving to Toronto, where he spent a year learning and mentoring under top producers at RE/MAX West Realty. Upon moving back to Windsor, Tyler wanted to take on his next challenge, which was to finally start investing in real estate.

Everyone talks about investing in real estate, and you can read all the books and articles you want, but until you take that huge leap and finally buy your first income property, everything is just talk. Once I bought that first property however, I was hooked; I wanted another one, and then another. My goal was to purchase enough properties that cash flowed, that I could sit back and live off the rental income; as well as do a couple of fix and flips each year for some extra cash.

However, It wasn’t that easy. Tyler quickly realized that there is presently a large barrier to entry for casual investors to invest in direct real estate on their own and build up that portfolio of properties – whether it be the time, experience or capital amounts required. As a result, TySoull Real Estate Group was born. Tyler’s goal is to help others side step the headaches he went through in getting started in investing in real estate. Tyler has years of experience in investing in Windsor real estate. From buying properties that need to be gutted down to the studs, to dealing with city inspectors and obtaining permits, to dealing with tenants who wouldn’t move out for months and refuse to pay rent. These are only some of the things that can eat away at your bottom line, and Tyler has experienced them, and learned from them. He now owns over a dozen properties himself, from single family homes, to commercial/residential properties with 20+ units. The team he has assembled, the networks he’s made, the mistakes he’s learned from, will all benefit you when you decide to invest with us.

Meet Tyler Soulliere at www.tysoull.com

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