21 Sep

Ep. 005 – Who Does this Guy Think he is, with Kevin Bunzeluk

In this episode, show host, Kevin Bunzeluk officially introduces himself and talks about what he is working on is the real estate space and how he got started. He also share his best tips for success learnt from over a decade as a coach to competitive athletes and as a personal development junkie.

Key takeaways:

– Get down to the basics.
– Where you are in your life is a result of your thoughts, if you want different results you need different action.
– How to set goals the right why.
– How to easily make decisions in your life.
– Specialize for success.
– How to get a real estate education.
– The most important thing for your business.
– How to get off your ass and get started!


Meet Kevin at www.lifestylehousing.ca/aboutkevinbunzeluk

69 thoughts on “Ep. 005 – Who Does this Guy Think he is, with Kevin Bunzeluk

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