2 Sep

Ep.002 – Investing while maintaining a busy LifeStyle, with Gillian Irving

In this episode, Gillian talks about how busy folks can manage time to invest in real estate. She also gives some great tips around student rentals!

Key takeaways:

– Get started by getting started… Ready, Fire, Aim.
– Everyone has the same number of hours in a day. How we choose to use our hours is a reflection of our individual priorities.
– Great tips on how to get organized
– A discussion of what you should be delegating and how.
– How to teach your kids about investing.
– Benefits and risks of student rentals.


Gillian likes to say she was an “accidental investor”, when buying a duplex in downtown Toronto in 2009 with little planning or preparation. Luck was on her side though, and she was able to ride the value up and refinance to get capital to keep growing. At that point, she wasn’t going rely on luck and an “H&P” (hope & pray) strategy if she wanted to leave her job and provide long-term financial security for her disabled son and three other children. Gillian became a serious student of real estate investing and combined what she learned with her professional skills as a market research analyst to purchase 35 doors in Southern Ontario in 18 months. Today, Gillian is a full time investor and entrepreneur, focused on student rental investing with joint venture partners.

Meet Gillian at www.investinstudentrentals.com.

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