28 May

Ep. 134 – 21 Doors in 24 months, with Kathy Long

In this episode, Kathy discusses the power of real estate investing and how it can change your life.

Key Takeaways:

– Real estate is the way to save for the future and have cash flow.
– With investment advisers, you are just a name on a file.
– Everyone should have five homes to supplement your income and give you choices.
– How I acquired 21 doors in 24 months.
– Nobody cares about your money like you can, take control of your investments.
– If you don’t have the time, joint venture with someone with a track record.
– There are many ways to invest within real estate.
– Make a decision, execute it, and see where you are at.
– Talking with other like minded people is really important.
– When you’re living, you should never stop learning.

Kathy 2014 Nominee, YWCA Woman of Distinction; Business & Entrepreneur Acquired 21 rental doors in 24 months Over 6 Million dollars of real estate in Management GET YOUR $$ working for you! DESPITE being a single mom of 3 teenage boys, Kathy acquired and managed 21 investment doors in 24 months.

Meet Kathy Long at www.kathylongrealestate.com