1 Mar

Ep. 124 – Rental Hacking, with Sve Pavic

In this episode, Sve talks about rental hacking, using other peoples money and quitting your job to become a full time investor.

Key Takeaways:

– You could actually borrow money to buy real estate.
– What will be the after repair value of the property.
– Adding an additional unit will dramatically increase the value of your property.
– In life, you have to make short term sacrifices for long term gain.
– The downsides of living with your tenants.
– Be specific with your lease. The more detail the better.
– How to get ahead with house hacking.
– It’s not the amount of income that you make, it’s the lifestyle that you have.
– How to quite your job and take your investing full time…you will never be prepared.
– Partnering with other people is the fastest way to scale.
– Passive income vs. active income.

I help others achieve financial freedom through real estate investing so they can live the freedom and laptop lifestyle.

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