22 Jan

Ep. 119 – Managing Your Rental Property, with Kevin Bunzeluk

In this episode, Kevin talks about property management best practices.

Key Takeaways:

– Stuff doesn’t happen by it self, find out what you have to do and take action.
– The property management is more important than the property itself.
– Great rental rental property without a good manager is a lousy investment.
– Include the property management expense in your financial projections.
– Reasons to hire a property manager…You’re not very good.
– When you do it yourself, you are in control.
– Setting up good systems and procedures can make property management easier.
– Most of your property management work is before the tenant moves in.
– Who is your ideal tenant and what are they looking for.
– How to price your rental property.
– having the right tenant in your property is important, tenant screening is crucial.
– My favourite way to schedule apartment viewings.
– A thoroughly screened rental applications is mandatory.

Kevin is the host of LifeStyle Housing Radio