16 Feb

Ep. 077 – Property Management Systems, with Jules Mckenzie

In this episode, Jules discusses how to effectively manage your rental property when you work another job.

Key Takeaways:

– If you are taking courses, pick ones that apply to your strategy and market.
– Management is reliance on systems and sticking to them.
– What to get on your rental application
– What is great about real estate is I have total control, I know all the details, and if I get squirmy…I can just touch it.
– How to use open ended questions to screen tenants.
– Should you use a criminal record check to screen tenants.
– Examine the application and the answers to the qualifying questions as a whole.
– The performance of their credit in the past is a good indicator of what it will be in the future.
– How to manage from afar and…should you.
– Systems that save you time.
-90 percent of land lording is selecting and screening great tenants to rent to and treating them as customers after they’re in.

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