31 Dec

Ep. 019 – Your Real Estate Action Plan, with Peter Kinch

In this episode, Peter talks about how to set goals and how to achieve them by busting through obstacles. Don’t forget to check out the bonus audio, another ten minutes with Peter at the bottom of this page!

Key takeaways:

– It’s not the real estate you want, it’s the results it gets you.
– The best deal is different for everyone. It depends on your goal.
– We all have the power and authority to control our future, more so then we realize.
– There is a lot of power in the written goal….create clarity.
– Make sure your actions are consistent with the stated goal.
– How to be out of balance on purpose to achieve ambitious goals.
– You can change the numbers in the formula, but you can’t change the formula itself.
– Financing strategies for building a real estate portfolio.
– Strategize your portfolio today for future events.
– All of it begins with a plan.

Peter Kinch

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Here’s the bonus audio!